For applicants

Entrance exams

The entrance exams entail a written test from both languages of the selected combination. Apart from culture, history and geography of the language areas of the selected combination the test also examines – based on different types of exercises and a model response – the level of knowledge of particular foreign languages, i.e. the B2 level for English and German, the B1 level for French and the A2 level for Russian as enshrined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Given the character of the study program, the entrance exam also contains a written test from the Czech language, which aims at determining applicant’s level of knowledge from the lexical-grammatical field. It presupposes a successful school leaving exam from either Czech or Slovak languages (for foreigners coming outside the Czech Republic or Slovakia at least a basic knowledge of Czech, which will be intensively deepened during the study program, is required). The test does not examine the knowledge of literature of literary theories.