Our Department

About the Department

The Department of English Language and Literature of the Faculty of Arts of the University of ZČU is one of the youngest departments of the faculty. It was established in 2003, when the original Department of Applied Linguistics was divided into separate language departments.

The focus of our expertise is the bachelor's degree programme Foreign Languages for Commercial Purposes, which combines language competences with knowledge and skills from the commercial sphere to create an interdisciplinary study providing graduates with a wide range of practical applications.

We are also involved in the implementation of the Bachelor's degree programme in International Relations - Area Studies, which teaches subjects related to British and American history, culture and literature.

The Faculty also provides language teaching in the Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral programmes of individual departments, whether it is English for historians, sociologists, anthropologists, humanists or archaeologists.  
In addition to teaching, we also engage in research activities. Our areas of interest include English as a global language, applied linguistics, British and American cultural studies, and the literature of English-speaking countries.

The Department develops contacts with a number of domestic and foreign universities. It also cooperates with West Bohemian companies, with which it prepares one-day excursions or several-week internships for students. Experts from the corporate sphere also participate in teaching through guest lectures or seminars with the aim of introducing students to the world of business and the skills needed to function successfully in it.

The results of our professional activities are presented at domestic and international conferences. The Department regularly participates in the organization of the international ProfiLingua conference devoted to the problems of professional language and multilingualism.